Amanda Khor

Amanda Khor standing in front of purple Royal Hospital signage

Senior Resident Medical Officer, Obstetrics and Gynaecology

Royal Hospital for Women

“I’ve just finished an obstetrics term where I attended antenatal clinics and I worked in the delivery suite and post-natal wards. A lot of the time women are transferred from peripheral hospitals to The Royal, so some of the patients here are quiet complex and you definitely learn a lot. It’s really beneficial as a junior medical doctor to be able to experience managing people from different social and economic circumstances and patients with different values – it’s been good for me.

When I first started, you realise how much you don’t know and there’s lots of new things to learn.  That’s one thing that excites me when I come to work – I’m always learning something new every day. I really enjoy working with my colleagues. It’s nice to work with people who are there for the patients, but they’re also there for you and I find that’s very much the culture at The Royal.”