Anne Lainchbury

Anne Lainchbury standing in front of forest mural

Clinical Midwifery Consultant

Royal Hospital for Women

“A few of years ago I was looking after a woman, who was being an alturistic surrogate. She had no connection with the people who were having the baby. She had put herself out there on a website saying she was happy to be a surrogate.

They were originally booked in at another hospital, and a few weeks before the due date they changed to The Royal. There was a lot of planning required around the birth and post-natal period, as both couples had different priorities and were quite anxious. Everyone just wanted the best outcome. I worked between the couples to ensure this happened, and when the surrogate mum had another baby for herself, she came back to see me. This was very rewarding to know that she had had a good experience. There are so many days that stand out to me, and this is definitely one of them…”