Benjamin Coutts

Benjamin Coutts in rehabilitation setting

Acting Nurse Unit Manager – Killara Rehabilitation Ward

The Sutherland Hospital

"What inspires me to come to work every day is being able to create a happy environment for the staff and the patients. We spend most of our time here – 40-plus hours a week – so I try to provide a good work environment.

Most of my staff are all under 50 and we’re looking after patients in their 80’s and 90’s. It’s finding that common ground and having a relaxed conversation. Compassionate care is making patients comfortable instead of having a purely therapeutic relationship with them. It’s getting to know your patient, not just as bed 14 who needs his medications at 8, 2 and 10. It’s Mr Smith that’s grown up around here and he can tell you about the punt that used to take you across the Georges River where Tom Ugly’s Bridge is now.

I love Sutherland Hospital. I started here as a Trainee Enrolled Nurse. It’s awesome. I’ve gone from being a floor nurse to running a ward. You can’t walk from one area to another without seeing someone you know and stopping for a chat”.