Caitlynn Tarrant

Caitlyn Tarrant in front of board with baby photos

Registered Nurse and Midwife – Birth Centre

St George Hospital

“My role in the birth centre is to provide continuity of care for women during their pregnancy. There’s nothing better than helping a woman get through labour and hearing a healthy baby cry when they’re born.  In the Birth Centre we have minimal pain relief, so our women don’t have epidurals. It is a big mental game for them to get through. 

I remember one lady, it was her first baby and she just breathed the whole time and had this beautiful water birth. I was so inspired by her. I used to always think I would be a wuss and definitely have an epidural, but watching her doing her own thing, with me telling her every now and then she was doing a good job, I remember thinking ‘if she can do it, I can do it too’.

Whether it’s the birth centre, delivery suite, antenatal clinic, postnatal ward or caseload midwifery, all the staff here work well together and there’s great team morale. I think the women are happy with the care we provide. We have a big wall displaying the patient’s cards; it’s really nice when they write a card or letter recognising the work that you’ve done.”