Danielle Caruana

Danielle Caruana next to tree outdoors

Productive Ward Lead/Clinical Nurse Specialist in Gynaecology

St George Hospital 

“I’m inspired to be the positive change. I think a lot of patients, and staff, can mimic your behaviour. I always try to come in with a can-do attitude, knowing that together we can all make a difference.

I approach things from a person centred point of view. I always acknowledge people by their name and try to acknowledge the person behind the prescribed illness, job title or designation. Usually I find most people just want to be acknowledged and listened to. Medication rounds, hand over and all that is important, but if you’re not communicating with your patient, then why are you here? And you know when someone thanks you with tears of sincere gratitude, that’s like nothing else. That’s why we come to work every day.

I’m from the South West, but I was meant to be at St George Hospital.  The group of nurses I work with are absolutely exceptional. They are so patient, so kind and so giving. For me as a young nurse to be around such beautiful people that model teamwork and the art of caring so well, I think it’s amazing.  I couldn’t imagine my career anywhere else. The travel isn’t a problem when you’re doing something you love.”