Dr Astin Friskin

Astin Friskin in corridor

Dental Officer

South Eastern Sydney Local Health District

“I work across two different locations – the Aboriginal Dental Clinic in La Perouse and the Special Needs Dental Service at the Mission Australia Centre. I normally see up to 12 patients per day.

As a dental officer, I’m treating people’s oral conditions. We provide both general and emergency dental care including cleans, check-ups, fillings, extractions, root canal treatments and oral surgery. I specifically treat disadvantaged groups who, in general, require a lot more work than your average person. Without our service many of these patient’s would not be able to access dental treatment due to the financial restraints. When someone hasn’t been able to sleep all night due to dental pain and you are able to treat them and eliminate their pain, it is very rewarding.

Recently, I saw a gentleman who, at his first appointment, refused to smile and even took convincing to open his mouth due to the deteriorated state of his mouth. It took many appointments to complete his treatment but at the end I couldn’t wipe the smile off his face.”