Elizabeth Walter

Elizabeth Walter standing next to reception desk

District Trauma Coordinator 

South Eastern Sydney Local Health District

 “I always knew I wanted to work in critical care. I did my new grad in Emergency at St George Hospital and stayed because I loved it. I then worked as a trauma case manager until I took this job. One of my greatest achievements would be my career development. It’s been a good ride and I’ve met lots of great people. I’ve been really lucky.

In trauma, it’s satisfying seeing the transition of patients from when they come in until the end of their hospital stay.  They’ve been so critically unwell you don’t know if they’re going to live or die and then seeing them walk out of hospital or go to rehab and know that they’re going to have some sort of meaningful outcome, that’s really rewarding. Then there’s the families. Often patients are in for months and months and you develop great relationships with the family members. Being able to support them is fulfilling as well.

Over the last couple of years I’ve been working a lot on my own leadership skills.  I completed the Clinical Leadership Program with the hospital last year. I learned what qualities make good leaders and how to identify and develop those qualities in me. Now I reflect on my own practice, which is something I probably never did previously. 

I get enormous value out of my job knowing I’ve had a positive impact on peoples’ lives.”