Eszter Jozsa

Eszter Jozsa in Newborn Care Ward

Clinical Nurse Educator – Newborn Care Centre

Royal Hospital for Women

“I’ve been at this hospital for 20 years. My first patient here was at 24 weeks gestation and weighed 500 grams.  She had a picture with my hand holding her feet and she kept asking her mum ‘who’s hand is that?’ Her mum said ‘that’s a nurse looking after you.’ They found my name and they emailed me.  She was 17 when we met up again. It was amazing.

Her father took the photo and they gave it to me. I always show it to new grads, student nurses or midwives and tell them how scared I was when I had to look after her at first. I was really scared that I would hurt her. I tell them that it happens to all of us when we first start out. I remember her because the picture is on my wall.  She’s always there, just waving.

It is the biggest privilege to be part of the life of a baby who is not developed yet. I can help with their development and I can support the parents.”