Gemma Robertson

Gemma Robertson standing in front of doors to delivery suite

Clinical Midwifery Specialist – Delivery Suite

The Sutherland Hospital

“What inspires me to come to work every day is the changing nature of the Delivery Suite and the adrenaline rush it brings. Some of my best days are when my legs are aching and I’m covered in bodily fluids. I like the satisfaction that comes from helping women and empowering them to give birth.

There’s a particular time, that transition period, just before a woman is ready push - all she wants to do is give up and walk out the door. It’s working really hard with the woman and she gets that self-belief and has the baby. Then she looks at you and says ‘I didn’t think I could do it. Thanks for helping me through.’ I really like that challenge and then the reward.

We like to involve the dads if we can. It’s really special seeing the first time they see their baby. You hear that little sniff and think, ‘I don’t remember him having a cold’ and when you look over he’s crying. It is a very special time of people’s lives. You’re there and it’s a very privileged position.”