George Deletaris

George Deletaris leaning on sandstone wall with arms crossed

Director, Internal Audit

District Services

“I have progressively worked up the leadership ladder. A couple of the highlights have been completing a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA), while working in some pretty demanding roles in banking. I was recognised as a leader in my first year in audit with an award, I was nominated by executives and peers out of about 120 people. I’m very ambitious. I’ve worked my way up the leadership ladder in finance, and hopefully I can do the same in health.

I was attracted to health because I have a real passion for patient safety, and if I can do that (in a place) where I’m making a difference, that’s ideal...I think it’s important to stay healthy – it makes you a bit more resilient to deal with challenges inside and outside of work. Staying healthy, work out at the gym and having the right balance and moderation will generally provide resilience (to the challenges) that work and personal life will provide you.