Gregory Finnigan

Gregory Finnigan standing in outdoor setting

Domestic Services Manager

Prince Of Wales Hospital

“Domestic Services provides the hospital’s cleaning, portering, waste management and linen services. In total there are just over 200 staff including casuals, covering 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - right across the facility. As a clinical support service, we see to it that the facility is in a good condition, where the patients can be treated safely.

To me, cleaning and maintaining the hospital is certainly a very rewarding job. I’d like to think my staff have a sense of caring – a sense of responsibility towards helping people. A lot of people may not take notice or appreciate what we do, but that’s not always the case. We’ve received some lovely letters from patients or relatives, commenting not only on the services that have been provided by the nursing staff, but they also include the Patient Service Assistants (PSA) who work in the ward. They’ll name them, as to how friendly and how lovely they were. That’s always very encouraging.

I think compassionate care is providing a good service that helps the patients lift and get better. I’d like the staff to understand that they have a big impact on patients. Communicating well and giving good customer service is what it’s all about and it’s what we want to instil in all our staff.”