Hayley Sheehan

Hayley Sheehan in uniform in outdoor setting

Clinical Nurse Educator

Garawarra Centre

“I’ve been at Garawarra for just over three years. I love it; it’s a beautiful place to come every day. By working across all the cottages, I get to pick up tips and hints, so if one cottage is having a difficult time with a resident I’m able to bring in new ideas and fresh eyes.  I find it really rewarding to support the staff and make people happy to come to work. Aged care and dementia is a really hard area of nursing, it’s really tiring.

I love that in aged care you get to know your resident and you get to know their family.  I found in the hospital system it’s very fast paced. Patients come in and out and you don’t really get to know them or the family members. Also, there’s very strong teamwork, the nurses have to really work together. And it’s all those little moments when the residents remember you. I walk into some of the cottages and I hear ‘Hayley, Hayley…’ and they want to have a little chat.  

I think that I’m really lucky that I’ve been given this opportunity here at Garawarra. It’s such a great facility and the nurses are amazing. What they do each day, it just blows my mind. It’s a really lovely place to work.”