Isabelle Sasse

Isabelle Sasse standing in front of wall covered in stars

Acting Midwifery Unit Manager Birthing Services

The Royal Hospital for Women

“We’re here to support women in their transition to motherhood. It’s such a special job, to be there for them at their most vulnerable, but at the most exciting day of their life. I appreciate that it’s not like other aspects of nursing where you care for sick people, these are healthy women and it’s such a special moment to see two become three.

We laugh a lot at work, but I think the patients that stick with you are the ones that make you cry. Recently I looked after another midwife who unfortunately had a still birth. We didn’t know each other before; she worked at a different hospital. It was a very, very tough day for both of us, but we bonded really well.  We’ve stayed in contact. I told her I can understand if you never want to see me again, but if you want to talk about things you can reach me. We developed a friendship and it’s nice that we meet regularly. It’s a very challenging situation seeing someone in the same profession having to go through that.

I think losing compassion or losing joy for the job really impacts on the care we give.  You might have a bad day but then you see all those beautiful outcomes and you’re like no, I’m really proud of what I do.”