Jeannette Jarick

Jeannette Jarick leaning on car door

Nurse practitioner, Southcare Geriatric Flying Squad

The Sutherland Hospital 

“I work in an outreach service providing assessment, investigations and treatment to the frail older person when they are acutely unwell and the GP or residential aged care facility may be thinking about sending them to the emergency department. My background is in aged care, oncology and acute care.

I think the primary way I make a difference to patient care is providing choices in the place of treatment for that person, so they don’t have to come into hospital if they don’t want to and they can have the level of treatment they feel is right for them at that point in their health and life.

What I love about my role is being able to apply advanced practice nursing to support patient choices and provide a complete episode of care to the patient in their own environment.”