Karen Patterson

Karen Patterson in office

Manager Organisational Development and Learning

South Eastern Sydney Local Health District

"Organisational Development and Learning is a district-wide service, focusing on engaging with staff for continuous improvement and lifelong learning.

I came to work for South Eastern Sydney because I think the work here is making a difference, particularly around innovation and improvement. We are nudging the whole system and we are setting an example for change. The Journey to Excellence is an exciting initiative about building healthy communities, engaging our communities as assets, refocusing on prevention and utilising our health resources most effectively. 

One of my drivers is everything I do is connected to the patient. In working through and with people, I have the opportunity to be able to listen and organise resources and help people achieve what they want to achieve to improve the care they’re providing.  I have a bit of a balcony view, so I’m able to step up and out and be an advocate.”