Marcia Pankhurst

Marcia Pankhurst sitting

Clinical Nurse Specialist

Child and Family Health

“I support young children of families in the community that have been identified as being vulnerable. I home visit from when the mum is in early pregnancy and visit frequently until the child’s second birthday. At the visits I follow a specific program that provides individual child and family health care such as health screening ‘blue book’ checks, developmental checks, guidance on parenting, support with breastfeeding, and can link families to other necessary health services.

One of my favourite activities is to take photos when I visit and it’s really lovely when I give the parents the photo album and we reflect together on how much progress has been made over two years. It’s important to do this so that achievements are recognised, whether they’re big or small, and this gives a lovely boost to parenting confidence.

I’ve been in this personally enriching role for just over a year. I’ve learnt so much, but I’ve still got so much to learn.  This job is very real, and is at the heart of my nursing because it is positive, respectful, empowering, and collaborative.”