Michael Zhang

Michael Zhang standing in front of Emergency sign

Senior Resident Medical Officer - Emergency Department

Prince Of Wales Hospital

“I’m one of the doctors who work in the Emergency Department. My role is to see patients as they come in, find out what’s going on and recommend the best thing for them.

I came into medicine straight from high school. When I was doing my HSC and deciding what I’d do in the future, I had a couple of choices and I picked medicine for its versatility. In medicine you can be purely a doctor, or you can do research, teach or even volunteer overseas – where hopefully I would be able to make a difference. While I underrated it at the time, working at POW made me realise how much I enjoy direct patient contact and being able to optimise their care in the maze that is the hospital system.

I’m aiming to do ophthalmology and I’m quite passionate about photography. I was in Cambodia last year, coincidentally the same time as a group doing eye surgery. Since I can’t do surgery yet, I thought I would take photos for their social media. I love to donate my time and skills and creating nice promotional shots for them is a part of that, in its own way. I feel so privileged to be in a career where I have an opportunity to make a positive impact on the health and wellbeing of my patients.”