Michelle Carati

Michelle Carati leaning on rail in open corridor

Midwife, Birthing Services

Royal Hospital for Women

“What I enjoy most about my job is the unknown. No two shifts are the same. I work in the delivery suite, so we look after women who come through clinics or private practice. It’s one of the most important times of their life and we’ve never met them before. We have to build a rapport very quickly to get the outcome they want. Being with the women and their families and watching their strength and belief in themselves is an amazing experience.

It’s a big word - compassionate. For me, it’s being mindful of everybody. The people you work with, whether it’s a midwife, a manager, a ward clerk or a cleaner, but most of all respecting the women is what it means to be compassionate. Sometimes what you believe isn’t their beliefs and what you’ve experienced isn’t their experience. It’s about listening and taking on board their wishes. Sometimes situations challenge you, but being able to look after the women, not be judgemental and for them to have a positive experience is so important.

Giving birth can be an exhilarating experience, or it can be a terrifying experience - so being there to support the women and help them get through the process is a great privilege. I hope the women I look after have a good experience and are happy with their care.”