Mominah Mannan Bhatti

Mominah Bhatti in clinical setting

Junior Medical Officer, 2 North

Prince of Wales Hospital

“My current role is a ward doctor - liaising between the consultants and registrars, plus day to day patient care. In this ward, I’ve seen knee replacements, hip replacements and a lot of spinal surgery. I’m not sure if it’s the speciality I want to go into yet, but I’m loving it. Every day I wake up and I’m excited to go to work. I’ve got all these people that I’ve been following-up and I care about and I want to see how they’re going. I also love working with the other health care staff on the ward.

My grandmother was a huge inspiration. She trained to be a doctor in Pakistan and then came to Australia in the 1960’s.  It was difficult enough as a woman doctor to find work then, but to be from a Pakistani Muslim background... She fought for her right to work in a hospital. So she’s been a big inspiration.

I’m very lucky in the hospital, there’s so many health professionals that can advise me on the different aspects of patient care, so when I’m stuck, I know there’s always someone I can ask to help out.”