Cognitive Disorders Clinic - Information for Health Professionals

We help people who are experiencing cognitive decline from ageing or age-related diseases. Our services include:

  • Comprehensive Geriatric assessment, including cognitive testing.
  • Follow up for cognitive disorders and associated behavioural and psychological symptoms.
  • Carer education and support.
  • Referral for Allied Health services including community-based specialised cognitive nursing support.
  • Referral to a host of community and hospital based education and therapy programs.
  • Provide access to a network of research opportunities including clinical trials:
  1. Member of the Australian Dementia Network (ADNet)
  2. Affiliations with UNSW and NeuRA.

Our team include specialist aged care Doctors called Geriatricians and doctors in training as well as specialised nurses and administration staff. 

Our Geriatricians are:

  • Dr Thi Yen Hill
  • Dr Stephanie Ward.

Please review our referral criteria and fax your referral letter to one of our specialists at The Cognitive Disorders Clinic at the Department of Aged Care, Prince of Wales Hospital. Fax number: 02 9382 4241.