Sally Plumer

Sally Plumer in front of window

Clinical Nurse Consultant and Clinical Nurse Specialist – Extended Community Care

St George Hospital

"Community nursing is about nursing patients in their homes. It’s about getting them out of hospital and giving them similar treatment to what they’re having in hospital - at home. It’s more comfortable and quieter, there’s less chance of infection and they have a little bit more control. Community nursing is also about supporting people in the community with procedures that need to be done, when they can’t physically get to the hospital or go to their GP.

Once I went to what I thought was the right house. I was laden down with equipment when I went through the front gate and I went to knock on the door. It was then I noticed that there were two Rottweilers in the front yard, foaming at the mouth. They charged at me and I never knew I could run so fast. I think I cleared the fence like an Olympic hurdler. It nearly killed me. It was then I realised I was in the neighbour’s front yard.

I feel an overwhelming sense of job satisfaction most days. I often think it’s just what I do and I get paid for it. It’s part of me; it’s who I am and what I do. And I couldn’t imagine doing anything else.”