Shaye Webster

Shaye Webster standing in front of medical machinery

Acting Nurse Unit Manager – Medical Imaging / Clinical Nurse Specialist – Gynaecology

St George Hospital

“Medical Imaging has never had a Nurse Unit Manager (NUM) from outside the department come in before. For me to go from Women’s and Children’s Health, where I was a specialist, to an area where they’re talking about procedures I’ve never even heard of - it’s a really good challenge and I love it.

The department is so diverse and the morale is always high. There are doctors, radiographers, nurses, technical assistants and everyone is always so happy to be here. I manage the nurses and I also go out on the floor to help. I still consider myself as quite a young nurse and to learn the role of a medical imaging nurse as well the role of a NUM is great. It’s very different, like when they show me images of broken bones, my bones start to hurt for the patient.

As a nurse on the floor, your compassion for your colleagues is about being there for them, helping them, letting them know that they’re OK. As a NUM, it’s letting them know that whatever is a problem or concern for them is genuine and I will try and do whatever I can to help them. I know that if I was in the same situation, I would want my manager to do the same for me.”