Stephanie Negro

Stephanie Negro kneeling against ward sign

Registered Nurse, Gunyah Ward

The Sutherland Hospital

“Working in oncology makes you value the little things in life. I feel really happy spending time with family - even something as simple as watching the sunset with my husband.

We looked after a lady who was in the coma stage, where we thought any moment now she’s going to pass away.  She had a husband and son that would visit on separate occasions. Her coma went on for about 3 weeks. It got to a point where I said to the husband: ‘Is there something you think she’s waiting for? I feel like she wants to let go, but she’s still hanging on.’ And he said to me: ‘I don’t know if you’ve noticed but my son probably comes to visit when I’m not here. She’s always wanted us to get along, but we don’t speak to each other.’  I suggested they come into the room together, just once, for her. So one afternoon they both came in and they started some small talk and she passed away.  I feel like she was waiting.  It was emotional, as she would have heard that they were both in the room together.

My mother is a registered nurse and I remember being little and going to visit her in the hospital. I remember seeing her interact with her patients and how much they loved her, so I just wanted to do the same thing.”