Taiana Fangupo

Taiana Fangupo standing next to Acacia Cottage sign

Nurse Unit Manager

Garrawarra Centre

“I have been at the Garrawarra Centre for the past 20 years. As the Nurse Unit Manager of Acacia Cottage, I have 30 male dementia-related residents in my care.

I say goodbye to my family at home about 7am and arrive at work to my extended family. I love what I’m doing, it’s my passion. I think caring has everything to do with your heart.  I look at the residents beyond their illness; I look at them for who they really are.  They’re human beings who have a desire to be respected, same as everyone else.

I come from Tonga. We were brought up in a very harmonious place and with different perspectives on how to love people. From that background it’s very easy for me to work with our residents. No matter if we have a PhD or whatever, we still listen to the older people and they are the leaders for us. Given that background I respect the residents.  I look at them as being one of my own.

I would like my colleagues to love me for whom I am.  I basically want to be an example for them. I do what I preach,” Nurse Unit Manager, Garrawarra Centre.