Ethics applications

To apply for research ethics approval involving NSW Health you will need to submit a Human Research Ethics Application (HREA) via the Research Ethics & Governance Information System (REGIS) webiste.

Ethics review process

Human Research Ethics Applications (HREAs) are reviewed by the Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC). Submission and meeting dates are located here

When the HREC has queries about an application it may delegate correspondence to an Executive Committee or Executive Officer. If additional information needs to be reviewed by the Executive Committee please be aware of the submission dates.

Responses to Committee queries

  • When responding to queries please include the question raised by the committee along with your response. 
  • Please provide documents with tracked changes as well as a clean copy.  
  • Please include the version number, date and page number (Example: Version 3 01/01/2018,  page 2 of 5) in the footer of all documents.
  • Please submit your reply using REGIS
  • If your project was created in OnlineForms and has not yet been approved reply by email to

If you would like to discuss your application and/or HREC queries, contact the Research Support Office.

Forms and templates

Please see our our forms and templates for the following resources:

  • Study Protocol template
  • Style guide for participant information
  • PISCF - Clinical Trials/Clinical Research
  • PISCF - Research Involving Genetic Testing/Tissue collection
  • Participant Invitation Letter
  • Participant Withdrawal Form