Health ICT

Our Vision is to be a trusted partner in healthcare conversations and remove barriers to our colleagues' work through providing responsive and responsible support.

Our Mission is to ensure availability of access to digital resources whenever, wherever, we know that there are no "business hours" and we recognise that we all lead connected lives.

We understand that our role in supporting communication, collaboration and inclusion across a wide spectrum of participants in the health care processes and that our "client base" is rapidly extending beyond the physical walls of our traditional healthcare facilities.  This expanded domain has a profound impact on the services we offer and the way we will provide support . We welcome any and all feedback as we develop our capacity to support this change.

As you approach these pages please bear in mind that Health ICT do not provide all of the "IT" services that you may use. It is, however, our role to ensure that you are able to access and make use of the services that you need in the safest and most effective way.

The services we provide to South Eastern Sydney LHD, Illawarra Shoalhaven LHD, Sydney Children's Hospital Network, and South Eastern Area Laboratory Services are described more fully in our Service Catalogue, in this pivotal document, you will also find information regarding the hours when support is provided and key players in the support processes.