Love is in the air: Matches made in SESLHD

It seems Cupid has been firing some arrows in SESLHD, with one such couple, Sutherland Hospital’s Chloe Dobbs and Jak Gale, preparing for St Valentine’s Day this Sunday.

Chloe and Jak are one of several loved up couples to work in the hospital’s Emergency Department and will be celebrating Valentine’s Day in style with a romantic dinner for two.

“Jak is more into Valentine’s Day than I am, but I go along with it because it makes him happy. He’s had a restaurant booked for weeks, he romances me all the time and always books our dates,” Ms Dobbs said.

Mr Gale admits to being a big romantic, saying he loves to wine and dine his girlfriend and take her out on special dates.

“I love it – it might be my Italian background, but I love any opportunity to show Chloe how much I appreciate and cherish her, and Valentine’s Day is a fun day and another excuse to celebrate our love,” Mr Gale said.

While the couple keep things very professional at work (with the exception of posing for the cheesy photo shoot accompanying this story) they both said it is lovely to spot each other during a shift and exchange smiles.

“It’s really nice just knowing that he’s around. If I’m having a bad day and I get a glimpse of him across the ED it always makes me happy just to see him,” Ms Dobbs said.

The young lovers met on Jak’s first night shift in the ED as a new graduate nurse in September 2019. Chloe was his senior and showed him the ropes.

“We treated a patient together and by the end of the night we realised we had a lot in common,” Mr Gale said.

After their shift, Jak walked Chloe to her car and the sparks were flying immediately.

Chloe took charge of the situation and asked Jak out, inviting him on a double date. After dating for a year they moved in together.

There must be something in the air in the ED at Sutherland Hospital as there are several loved up couples working side by side. Written at the top of one of the department’s white boards is an incredibly romantic poem:

Blood is red

Cyanosis is blue

I get tachycardia

When I think of you.

Jak and Chloe walking through the wards