Saying it in stone

Joggers, dog walkers, horse riders and cyclists have begun noticing a curious phenomenon as they approach the Willow and Fly Casting Ponds in Centennial Parklands.

At all times of the day, and no matter what the weather is like, there are people gazing intently at the pathways encircling the ponds. The object of their curiosity are brick pavers engraved with personalised messages.

Some are messages of love dedicated to individuals. Other are in appreciation of teams who have been of great benefit to our community. So it was only fitting that a paver was laid recently dedicated to Prince of Wales Hospital's ICU unit.

Intensivist Dr Gavin Salt, ICU Clinical Nurse Educators Alicia Montague and Emma Kilsby and Nurse Manager Megan Pinfold attended the unveiling on Sunday, 5 June.

Ms Pinfold said the acknowledgement was deeply gratifying.

“There’s no doubt many people are aware of what the frontline staff have done during the pandemic, but the ICU is one of those places that people don’t truly appreciate until they or a loved one have needed it,” Ms Pinfold said.

“A lot of people have no concept about how our team continue to tackle the huge challenges head on. This kind of recognition means an enormous amount to us.”

Fifteen other pavers have been laid around the Centennial Park ponds dedicated to other frontline workers including the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital and St Vincent’s Hospital.

The pavers are part of the community initiative Celebration Steps, whereby donations are made to the park in exchange for the personalised messages. So far more than 400 pavers have been laid – and counting.

Staff at Centennial Parklands