Policies & Publications: Clinical Governance

Title Document Number Last Reviewed
Assessment and Management of Serious Incidents SESLHDPR/549
Clinical Emergency Response System (CERS) for Paediatric Inpatients: Management of the Deteriorating PAEDIATRIC Inpatient SESLHDPR/284
Clinical Handover: Implementation of ISBAR Framework and Key Standard Principles SESLHDPR/303
Clinical Pathway Guideline SESLHDGL/037
Companion and Assistance Animals in Healthcare Facilities SESLHDPR/590
Complaint Handling Framework SESLHDHB/026
Death Screening and Review SESLHDGL/071
Deteriorating Patients - Clinical Emergency Response System for the Management of Adult and Maternity Inpatients SESLHDPR/283
Governance of Powered Air-Purifying Respirators (PAPRs) or Elastomeric Respirators SESLHDPR/688
Infection Prevention and Control during construction, renovation or maintenance SESLHDPR/374 Under Review
Management of Complex Discharges / Escalation Guidelines SESLHDGL/053
Managing Complaints and Concerns about Clinicians (MCCC) SESLHDPR/640
Medical Discharge Summary SESLHDPR/223
Medicine: Management of Refrigerated Storage of Medicines and Vaccinations in Clinical Areas SESLHDPR/300
New or altered interventional procedures, technologies or treatments – safe introduction into clinical practice SESLHDPD/286
Open Disclosure SESLHDGL/058
Paediatric Policies - Use in SESLHD SESLHDGL/064
Patient with Acute Condition for Escalation (PACE): Management of the Deteriorating NEONATAL Inpatient in Maternity Services and Nurseries SESLHDPR/340 Under Review
Photography and Recording of Patients within the SESLHD SESLHDPD/327
Post Incident Bedside Safety Huddles and effective use of the HUDDLE UP tool SESLHDGL/072
Procedure for SESLHD facility visitors in home isolation or quarantine for COVID-19 exposure with exemption under compassionate grounds SESLHDPR/682
Product – Clinical Product Notices, Recalls and Safety Alerts SESLHDPR/319
RCA Recommendations Compliance Monitoring SESLHDPR/320
Reporting of Clinical Product Faults/Quality Issues SESLHDPR/419
Standard 5 Comprehensive Care - Guideline SESLHDGL/088