Policies & Publications: Drug and Alcohol

Title Document Number Last Reviewed
Accountable Medication Management in Drug and Alcohol Services SESLHDBR/077
Apprehended Violence Orders (AVO): Health Staff Responsibilities SESLHDPD/309
Authorisation process for placing conditions on a clients access to treatment. SESLHDBR/066 Under Review
Buprenorphine subcutaneous depot injection (Buvidal®) for opioid dependence SESLHDPR/652
Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS) Grade 1 Appointment and Review Process SESLHDBR/053
Clinical Supervision for Drug and Alcohol Service Clinical Staff SESLHDBR/075
Drug and Alcohol - Management of missed consecutive doses: Methadone and buprenorphine/buprenorphine - naloxone SESLHDPR/411
Drug and Alcohol - Management of the Unconscious Person SESLHDPR/616
Drug and Alcohol Service – Management of intoxicated clients presenting to community treatment settings of the Drug and Alcohol Service SESLHDPR/506
Drug and Alcohol – Inpatient Management of Alcohol Withdrawal SESLHDPR/238
Follow up pathways after client does not attend (DNA) an appointment or treatment SESLHDBR/070 Under Review
Medication Supply in Drug and Alcohol Services SESLHDPR/485
Pain Management - Opioid Withdrawal in Patients on Long Term Opioid Medications SESLHDPR/603
Process for arranging emergency and elective Drug and Alcohol (D&A) admissions to Sydney / Sydney Eye Hospital (SSEH) SESLHDBR/060
Submission of Conference Abstracts by SESLHD Drug and Alcohol staff SESLHDBR/45
Take-home naloxone under the Opioid Overdose Response and Take Home Naloxone (ORTHN) intervention (Nyxoid® or Prenoxad®) SESLHDPR/658