The SafeHaven is a friendly, compassionate place where you won’t be judged. If you or someone you care for is experiencing emotional distress, such as thoughts of suicide, and you’d like support, the SafeHaven is here for you.

Many people have times in their life where they experience distress and thoughts of suicide. You may be feeling very alone and wanting social connections or you might simply want a place to go where people understand. Often when people feel suicidal the only place to visit outside business hours is a Hospital Emergency Department. 

SafeHaven will…
Create a safe alternative to a Hospital Emergency Department
Provide for those experiencing emotional and suicidal distress
Provide timely and effective care
Be led by Peer Support Workers
Create a society that has better access to care.  A society that keeps us in our communities where we can support one another. 

"As someone who has repeatedly gone to the emergency department for my mental health care it was extremely refreshing having an alternative that I found better suited to the care I needed at the time. "

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