Strategy and Planning Unit

Within SESLHD, organisational management of strategy development and planning is the responsibility of the Director of Planning, Population Health and Equity.


The key functions of the Strategy and Planning Unit, staffed by 3.8 FTE health service planners, are to:

  • Provide technical advice and support to the Chief Executive and Board to develop, monitor and evaluate an organisational strategy and an annual district-wide business plan;
  • Lead, manage, support, coordinate and evaluate population health and primary health and community health service planning across the district;
  • Develop and/or support the development of clinical services plans;
  • Support the development of a range of district-wide enabling plans such as an asset plan and workforce plan;
  • Deliver well researched strategic and technical advice, data and information, to the Chief Executive, Board and a range of stakeholders in relation to the planning, design and development of services and models of care to achieve a high performing health system;
  • Undertake regular health needs assessments and asset mapping of localities;
  • Engage with NSW agencies to promote a healthy built environment and placed based work and review proposals for new private facilities and support business cases for new technologies;

  • Collaborate and liaise with other local health districts, speciality networks, Central Eastern Sydney Primary Health Network and other agencies and service providers to ensure the needs of the community serviced by SESLHD are met as well as other people requiring access to tertiary care in SESLHD.
  • Develop business cases for high technologies and new models of care as required;
  • Contribute to state methodologies and modelling and plans