Our Performance

Sydney and Sydney Eye Hospital is a busy teaching hospital that continues to maintain excellent results for elective surgery and emergency care.

During the 2016-2017 financial year, surgical teams achieved a 000 Elective Surgery Access Program target, meaning all patients scheduled to receive surgery received it, as appropriate to their clinical urgency. This outstanding result has been maintained over the last few years.

There was a total of 33,068 Emergency Department presentations, over 11,000 patient admissions and more than 105,500 occasions of outpatient services.

The hospital’s emergency team achieved emergency treatment performance targets averaging 88.46%, against a required 89%, confirming that most patients are being treated within four hours of arrival.  Meanwhile, Transfer of Care scores of 98.09% were close to the required 100%, which determine the optimal time required to transfer patients from an ambulance to the Emergency Department.

Positive patient recognition

APA%20Awards%20SESH_200.jpgSydney and Sydney Eye Hospital was named the third-most outstanding city hospital in Australia by consumers who voted on Patient Opinion Australia. This independent, not-for-profit platform enables patients and their families to provide feedback about their hospital experience. Sydney and Sydney Eye Hospital launched the platform and was the pilot site for South Eastern Sydney Local Health District. The Australian Patients Association also noted Sydney and Sydney Eye Hospital was the only city hospital in NSW to be nominated in the outstanding hospital category of the Australian Patients Association inaugural Patients Award.

Australian-first sight restoration procedure

Sydney and Sydney Eye Hospital received worldwide attention after the current affairs program, 60 Minutes, covered the story of two patients whose sight was restored after years of corneal blindness. The procedure, termed Osteo-odonoto keratoprosthesis is a highly specialised artificial corneal transplant: a patient’s tooth (or segment of bone) is removed to house an optic or cylindrical lens and the combination is then transplanted into the patient’s cheek where it remains for three months to gain a vascular supply and tissue coating. Following this, the tooth/eye combination is removed and transplanted onto the front of the patient’s eyeball. This sight-restoring procedure and program is supported by the Sydney Eye Hospital Foundation.

Orthoptist-led Glaucoma Assssment Clinic

The orthoptist-led Glaucoma Assessment Clinic commenced, enhancing services for patients referred to Sydney and Sydney Eye Hospital with glaucoma or suspected glaucoma this year. The service enables patients to have a comprehensive glaucoma assessment with an orthoptist, with results reviewed virtually by the Glaucoma Unit. Patients are given appointments, ensuring they received timely and appropriate eye care based on their individual clinical needs. 

Person-centred Nursing Orientation Program

The person-centred nursing orientation program outlines a ‘patient journey’, to ensure patients remain our central focus throughout. The existing nurse orientation was redeveloped with input from a wide range of clinical experts, to ensure it led to the transfer of clinical knowledge, worked to build team capacity and drive succession planning underpinned by a person-centred ethos. The revised program better addresses workplace readiness and standardises clinical practice via policies and procedures.

Infrastructure Works

In terms of major works, infrastructure planning for the Ophthalmology and General Outpatient areas is continuing with preliminary staff consultation now underway. Replacement of the car park lifts has been completed and replacement of two lifts in the Clinical Services Building is underway.
A program to restore heritage stone works at the hospital continues, while construction of the eye biobank and LED lighting upgrades to Clinical Services Building have just been completed.


Our Year in Review, 2016-2017, South Eastern Sydney Local Health District