Aboriginal Hospital Liaison Service

How we can help you

We acknowledge that Sydney and Sydney Eye Hospital is situated on land traditionally owned by the Gadigal people of the Eora nation. We pay our respects to elders past and present.

We welcome all patients, their families, carers and friends to our hospital.

We ask all patients if they identify as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander.  If they answer yes, we will contact our Aboriginal Hospital Liaison Officer and let them know you are here.

Coming to hospital by yourself can be hard. The Aboriginal Hospital Liaison Officer can come and have a yarn if you are feeling lonely or worried, or if you are dealing with sorry business.

The Aboriginal Hospital Liaison Officer is able to:

  • Talk to the staff in the hospital for you
  • Give you information about hospital services
  • Give you information about your rights and responsibilities
  • Find other services who can help you (Aboriginal health services,legal, Child Care Protection 
  • Help you with finding accommodation if you are travelling to Sydney from the country
  • Help you to fill in forms
  • Help you to fill in an application for housing
  • Organise nursing, hospice or respite care if you need it
  • Organise for you to get help if you need it when you get home. This includes help with housework, shopping, meals on wheels or any equipment you might need.
  • Help you get financial assistance if you need it (eg pensions, benefits, IPTAAS (Isolated Patient’s Travel and Accommodation Scheme)